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City council just wants to share all of that revenue

"The city wanted the county to commit to contributing money toward the ballpark if Wilmington voters approve it at the polls"

If the ballpark is going to be such a great financial success for the City, why would city "leaders" be motivated to ask the County to help pay for it? It certainly wouldn't be because they just want to share some of that anticipated revenue with NHC instead of keeping it all for themselves. Their past actions have more than proven that, and past behavior is always a strong indicator of anticipated future behavior.

"It would definitely spur off a lot of tax revenue for the county, and we would just like to see if they would participate in that," Wilmington Mayor Bill $affo said. And the number of people in NHC who actually believe that would be ..... Uhhh ..... Well let’s be realistic about this for a second; not even $affo really believes that. He does deserve credit for one thing though: He’s gotten so good at lying, he can look you right in the eye and not even blink while he’s doing it.

Gee, if ever there was something that didn't even come close to passing the smell test, this is it.


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