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Pluris Sewer Fee Increase (aka price gouging)

Having just moved to the Onslow County area from Southern California I have heard a lot of neighbors state that they love this area for the cheap living expenses. My response to that is, "Are you insane?" Granted, in California you do pay significantly more for your property than in NC, however, utility expenses are considerably lower compared to this little corner of NC. My opinion, it sounds a lot like "good ole boy", "elbow rubbin', "under the table hand-shakin' deals" that have spawned this price gouging agenda. Especially, considering that a large percentage of the land that Pluris currently provides services to was and still is in fact, swamp land including the land that Pluris, LLC (Snead's Ferry) resides upon. Furthermore, Snead's Ferry receives its water services from Onslow Water and Sewer Authority (ONWASA) so, my question is why are we paying another agency for the sewer service. Is this another example of some small shrimpin' town, "good ole boy" politics? My challenge to the good people of Snead's Ferry; force this corporation to explain in great detail to you (not the politicians in Raleigh) the reasons that they are price gouging your sewer services and demand a recant of their current service rate hike. If you don't mind paying a 150% rate increase then keep living your life in whatever way you see fit. But, if you think that this is an example of some small-town people getting the wool pulled over their eyes then, fight back and oust this company from the Snead's Ferry - North Topsail Beach area.


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