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Pluris.....who are you?

I live on North Topsail Beach and moved here in late 2010. I bought a home and never knew what was suppose to happen with my sewer. My alarm in my yard (those with Pluris may know what I am talking about) went off in mid 2013 and a couple repairs guys came out to fix the issue. A few weeks later I started getting notices to call the office about an "urgent issue". They were giving me sewer services and never even had my address on file. They backlogged me 3 months, which was when the first notice was sent out. I lived here for the lower rates, but never hd to pay them. I also lived here when trash service was free. Now it is included with water even if you don't use the trash.

There is very little info on Pluris as a company. Their website is very vague and the people in the local office can't tell me much when I ask them why certain things happen the way they do. There are boil water advisories, which are reported by ONWASA not Pluris, that happen at least 2 two times a month.

Most of NTB was not planned out well and there is no reason to believe the sewer system was designed any better. I think we need a a full report on why things are the way they are. I want to know what the future holds for my sewer system. How bad is it really?

This is directly from their website "With increasing challenges to fresh water supplies and aging water and wastewater systems, Pluris’s focus is on smaller community systems where financial strain leaves little or no means for upgrading and servicing systems in these vital communities." I would like them to explain exactly how NTB fits into that criteria.


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