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Who's Business is this?

Really? Who's business is this? Not the public's. He, you, or me , we could all be in the same boat right now. This economy is horrible. That man's living arrangements is NONE of our concerns.. Goodness~ Someone is always trying to knock someone else down.. If you really want something to report on, report on WHY the government say they don't want illegal immigrants here, BUT they pay 100% for their child care while they work in our fields going from state to state with places like east coast head start.. they take kids from 6 weeks old and up. That is a FEDERALLY funded program~ That's something to report on~ Not that mans home.. Come On~ Oh did I mention, they have their own buses, they supply diapers and wipes and things.. yeah it's better than what most of us get now. So how many of American's are out of work and could be pick crops and could use FREE childcare?? Just food for thought~


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