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Under the Bus!!

The fact that changes to Medicare,Medicaid & Social Security won't affect those 55 and older gives me no sense of security. The Republican agenda only seems directed at security for the wealthy so I fear that their leadership is capable of anything if given the power. I also get no satisfaction from knowing that if I support Romney/ Ryan, I am essentially throwing my children, my grandchildren and those of my fellow Americans under the BUS by allowing these programs to change.
My recent experience with my elderly father opened my eyes to the importance of these entitlement programs. Keeping my father at home and seeing to his medical needs slowly became impossible, he lost both his physical and mental capacities over time. He had no funds to pay out against what is being called a Voucher System. My Father died with the dignity of knowing his debts and funeral would be paid and his good name protected.
Millions of us face this situation each year and until we do we may not quite appreciate the values of these programs. We can all pay a little more and the wealthy can pay a lot more to protect these vital programs.
My family will proudly support and vote for OBama/Biden.
We will support the re-establishment of American Industry as this is the only solution to our economic distress.


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