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I'm from the area and i know from many personal experiences; my best friend accidentally giving himself a concussion on a rock that the whole county seemed to know about but us etc, i have many more, that's not the point.. my point is that his parents aren't stupid for not instilling water smarts upon him, and he's not stupid for trying even though he may not have been a strong swimmer.. Maybe thats not what you meant to say but it took me a few times reading it and deleting my very wordy and angry responses to get what your saying.. it sure seems like your words are an amazingly ignorant and insensitive response to something tragic for this family. It sounds like your calling them AND him stupid. And i can't say what should be done as i do not know but i will say that a i've seen a lot of bad things happen because there was no sign to warn my friends of something dangerous... I'm just saying. Your coming off as an ass here, i'm just being honest. Sorry. But not really. What your saying is pretty offensive. Im not a strong swimmer, i don't technically "know how" but im not stupid for trying.. And neither was he....


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