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The guilty seem to always be protected

I understand and feel your pain and I agree you should be able to be told. However, that is not what state law provides. You better believe in a case like this your city and city leaders would love to open up and give you all. It is not there fault they can not! But, laws have changed somewhat in the last year or two and a little more can be given out than before. Keep demanding it and you will get what is allowed. Is the allowable as much as you deserve? No but, again that is not your civic leaders it is state law.

Now Mr. Ballree and Thanks to God not Chief Ballree can say what he pleases but, if he trys the crap he did in Mount Olive and wants to blame everyone but himself, a lot of truth will get out and it will not be pretty at all. Where in Southport and Shallote he traveled with family in the city car is well known and if he wants to play the victim card fine. What he was doing will be made public! And that friend, is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Let's see if Ballree plays the victim card here in BSL like he did in Mount Olive. It will not be a good day for him if he does! He brought this on himself and not the good citizens of BSL. Well former city manager Dave Lewis brought this shame to the city but that is another story.


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