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Your are missing the mark

You are only right with your point about the 'general statutes' but, you miss the point by a mile. They are the taxpayers. The city would not exist without them and yes, they deserve to know all that can be told and frankly, there is more that can be told. The citizens are not whining at all. They are exasperated at the system and they have cause to be. They have been paying a police chief for several years to use the city car and gas as if it were his family car. Heck, for all purposes, he made it that way. You must be one of those flaming liberals that believes the government at all levels is best and they know how to spend taxpayer money the best. This cat has been screwing the city out of dollars, one gas tank after another to go to the store, take kids to their PAROLE OFFICER, etc, etc, etc. And then he has the nerve to say to the State Port Pilot, "...he was still in a state of shock, adding that he was disappointed by the level of punishment." Further he stated, "“There was an option from everything from verbal warning up to termination, and it seemed like they went right straight to the termination."

Well what in the wide world of sports would he expect! He had been abusing city funds via his city vehicle from the day he got here. Just exactly like he did in Mount Olive, by the way. And even though the sorry excuse for a city manager, David Lewis allowed him to get by with it the policy is clear and a new manager is in town. Then not only does he abuse policy using his vehicle for personal use but then he puts an officer in an ethical dilemma requiring him to do the same. Ballree is surprised??? Just what does he think warrants discharge if not that? And if he does not understand the concept of misusing city funds for personal use and requiring an employee to do the same, he should have never been allowed to wear a badge in the first place. Certainly he should have never been invited to our fair city.

So yes, I guess some citizens are whining. They are whining for their lost funds that could have been kept in their pockets or given some real service to them via the city. After all, it is in fact THEIR FUNDS!

So what say you? Are you just a liberal that believes government knows best or are you another blind follower of Lewis, and Kinney that will state what a "fine person and civil servant Ballree is"? If you are the latter beware, when the SBI investigation is completed, you are going to have a real hard time explaining your support of the crumb. Can you spell I-N-D-I-C-T-M-E-N-T?


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