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You are way off base!

While someone being fired is not something to celebrate reading your take on this, especially as one of our public officials is very, very, sad indeed! No one held a gun to this guy's head and made him misuse the trust of the city and it's citizens. But he did anyway and on his own. The fact is, this man did not lose a thing. He threw it away and it seems very likely this was not the first time. Seems like when given a second chance he would have cleaned up his act but he did not! And then you, Mr. Forte, a representative on city council defend this man and talk about how sad it is. What you could be doing is trying to get an audit to find out just exactly how much of our money he squandered running the roads and then try to get it back for our city. I think most are satisfied that the stealing is over and the problem is gone but if you are going to take a stand, let it be for the citizens. After all, that is your sworn obligation. Or, do you represent the guilty and fallen rather than the citizens that voted you in? I do thank you however for showing your true colors publicly for all to see. Good for you and good for the electorate.


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