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Now this is what is sad Mr Commissioner!

You find it sad that someone could not play by the rules, abusing his privileges by driving God only knows how many miles over a period of years at the taxpayers expense. And then, because Ballree on his own did this full well knowing he was violating city policy you say he "lost" his livelihood, his career and ability to support his family....." You call that sad? Commissioner Forte, you are either blind to the facts or you simply do not care to stand up for the citizens that you suppose to represent and prefer to stand up for the one that broke the rules. Let's get something on and off the table as an indisputable fact right now. Ballree did not lose a thing! Nada, Nothing! Ballree threw his "livelihood, his career and ability to support his family..." out the window on his own when he continuously and willingly drove the city car for and as personal transportation for himself and his family. You took an oath for the citizens and rather than demand an audit to find how much money the city has lost and try to find a way to get it returned you speak of how sad it is for the perpetrator of his actions and not for the people. You find it somehow odd that those that pay the city bills would be happy to see this come to an end after this long time and ignored abuse. No one need to apologize for finding great relief that a person that so abused his privilege and taxpayer funds has been separated from the ability to continue doing so. But it is good as far as enlightenment to see you publicly take a stand for Ballree over the citizens he abused. It is good in deed to see where you stand when it comes to public trust and public funds and who you stand for. Thank you Mike Forte for taking the time while taking sides against all of us that are paying the bills to do so publicly. Now none of us have to guess where you stand.


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