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Emmett Did This, All of this and no one else is at fault!

Why is it that your heart goes out to the guilty and you have no words of compassion for those citizens that put their trust in a police chief just to find out that he is a crook? Why is it that you find it sad when a man in his fifties continues to abuse city funds is stopped from doing so and therefore protecting the pocketbooks of the citizens? Why is it the duty of the citizens to pay for the taxi service for the two adult offspring of Emmett Ballree all over our county? Are you taking the position our citizens should pay for this? Should the BSL citizens foot this bill, is that what you are saying? Here is what is sad. When a man that lost his job in Mount Olive for highly questionable acts gets a second chance,that grown man hit the jackpot! Not one person in this city held a gun to his head and said, "get in that city car and use it as if it were your own personal vehicle to use at will"! All he had to do was show up to work and follow the rules. But just like in Mount Olive, he could not do it. This is on his hands and his hands alone so do not even try to start a pity party on the citizens. Certainly it is sad if his wife or anyone in his family has health issues. But it was he that violated to rules and he that broke the law. If there is a loss for the family, it is on his hands alone. That is the plain truth of the matter and nothing can change that. Nothing!


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