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I'm sick of the Socialist argument. People are unaware about what true Socialism is. Look at France, they want to start charging high salaried citizens 75% income tax rates. Now that is socialism!

Please stop with the liberal "agenda" bullsh** as well. The agenda is for social equality. This is the same quote un quote "liberal movement" that gave us Roe v. wade, ended segregation, gave women the power to vote, allowed a minimum wage law.

All of those things are positive outcomes for the American society. Sure, there are those who will continue to bring forth a closet-based, bubble enclosed, religious paranoid social agenda. That is what you have coming from a portion (notice I did not say all) of the far right.

Not all of us who believe in social equality are out there hugging every tree, stopping you from drilling for oil and decrying capitalism. There are those of us who believe in a free-market society with limited government and a balanced social policy that allows women to choose and people to have the freedom that the far right cries the left has taken away. All false.


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