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Social Security

The most recent AARP magazine had a handy graphic showing a multitude of changes that COULD be made in social security, based on our priorities. I have friends that told me 30 years ago there would be no SS for us, that it was doomed. In the 1980's congress made necessary adjustments to keep it on a sound footing for several more decades. More adjustments will do the same. We are truly all in this together, and if we say SS will only be there for those 55 or older we ARE doomed. Because in 20 years those people will be 75 and NO money will be going in. Younger folks who are allowed to create their own buffet savings plan will be victims of any stock market whims, just as those with too much in 401k are now trying to recoup their losses. Not many could live on the 401k savings-- huge market profits were assumed. Social Security is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a highly successful safety net, and with savings and pension plans (for the fortunate) it can provide a continuing middle class lifestyle without fear of the poorhouse.


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