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Let's start with the first

Let's start with the first inaccuracy of the WWAY piece that Lala is Julia Boseman's "life in girl friend." They have married. Regardless of the retrograde attitude toward gay partners in NC, Julia Boseman and Lala Ohnmacht are wed. I have personal knowledge of the extent to which Ms. Boseman loves her two sons. She has made sure that she is in their lives and has continued to go to SC to be with Jacob for several years. I also have testified as a character witness, UNDER OATH, and heard all of the actual evidence regarding her fitness as a parent. I testified on her behalf some years ago at a custody hearing. Does it matter to any of you trash talkers that the courts, not esp. friendly to gay parents, have upheld Ms. Boseman's parental rights? So while you are searching around for the stones to cast at her, since all of you are so clearly without any sin and are qualified to judge, I am not surprised that Ms. Ohnmacht's ex-cop, ex-husband is pissed off - they hate it when the little woman prefers another woman.


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