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Maybe this poll should be revised:

Regardless of the back and forth over who's signs are where or how big they are...I would gather that city employee's just might have more things to do like, oh I don't know, help run the city's day to day activities?, rather than sneak around taking down signs. Please...that's ridiculous and petty to assume. I don't think SIGNS matter as to who really gets elected in the end. The only time a sign makes someone vote for you is because they are usually uniformed about politics to begin with and vote for the person whose name they've seen the most. Maybe this is why Lanasa is worried about losing his sign coverage. Does he really know what a mayor does? It seems like he's running on a personal vendetta than to actually better the community. Anyways, I think that the new poll should be whether or not you think someone who keeps causing so much unnecessary controversy in the media and Wilmington area would change their course and start raising productive inquiries upon being elected to office instead of wasting the people's tax dollars on paranoia and ill-conceived notions? I think not. Let's leave the decision making to the people of Wilmington then I suppose....


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