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Smoking ban @ CB

How about try to enforce the litter law first. Have the cops walking the beach instead of driving their trucks & ticketing people they catch littering say $1000 for each offense & after that toss them in jail. Give the lifeguards authority to enforce the litter law & ticket people. The beaches & roadways are becoming increasingly littered lately, has anyone noticed, because no one is enforcing the litter laws. People toss trash including butts everyday all day long even when the police are around but no one does anything about it. When was the last time you heard of anyone getting fined for littering-none that I know of. Have the people who have to do community service go out & pick up trash everyday. Give them incentive to turn in litter bugs with taking an hour off their time. If kids get in trouble at school have them go out & pick up trash. Then they might think twice before littering like their parents do. I've been to smoke free beaches & I love how clean it is. Even the residents get involved with enforcing the ban


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