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I do not think highly of

I do not think highly of Michael Jordan as a general rule. With that being said, what exactly does Michael Jordan owe his high school coach? Jordan has no reason to feel as though he is indebted to this man. Teachers and coaches are there to be positive influences on their students without any expectation of future support or consideration. Why should any student be made to feel as though they owe an educator anything more than respect in their classrooms? Jordan may have gotten special treatment from Herring, but let us not forget that Jordan's success was a combination of many factors...not just what happened in high school. To think that Jordan should somehow feel responsible for this man is just grasping at straws. I am sure that Herring had many students over the years and it just happened to be that one of them became a superstar. Someone taught every superstar, Herring is just one of many educators that did what they are supposed to kids to become successful adults. Jordan should not be held accountable for the reaction of the crowd at the ceremony,that was on the crowd for not being more respectful. Jordan may be a jerk for many reasons, but this letter is a bitter attempt to make a man feel guilty for being successful.


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