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You may have a point even if it plays fast and loose with anything factual. She should get in touch with Bedwetter. You see how far his antics and lies got him. BTW, he could get his friends and their Easter bunny along with the munchkins in their T-shirts to show up in court for her. The circus would look now just like it did then. Too bad good wine can not be made from sour grapes. We all would be rich in this city! You cats just can not get off the blame game no matter how many times you lose. So, if the courts rule in his favor I guess you will want to override the jury and talk about how you are right and they are wrong. Of course you will. Of course the courts could rule against White. The difference between you and reasonable adults is reasonable adults will accept the findings of the court (one way or the other) rather than make up fairy tails.


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