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How many times have we heard

How many times have we heard about the wonderful families of the criminals being arrested in this area? How many of those arrested were fine people who could not possibly be guilty?

Those priests who molested those boys were "respectable". I am sure that there are people who considered Jerry Sandusky "respectable". There are still people who claim that Joe Paterno is "respectable". Being considered "respectable" or from a good family doesn't preclude one from the capability of being a child molester.

There are others who have posted who have said that this man was inappropriately affectionate towards the students. This charge goes way beyond that. First degree sexual offense of a child means that is accused of raping the child, not just touching inappropriately.

Although, this man is innocent until proven guilty, I think that the parent who would "ABSOLUTELY" let their child take lessons from him, would be irresponsible to do so. If there is any question of impropriety of this type, then you should not allow your child to be around this man unless he is found not guilty.

If he is guilty then he deserves the death penalty. Pedophiles cannot be cured. They do not need to be in society. If someone rapes a child then they do not deserve to live.


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