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Thank God I never got around to enrolling my granddaughter

I had actually seen the studio when I dropped my 16 yr. old grandson off there for a Sat. night dance and was thinking then how nice it was for the teenagers of Leland to have somewhere to go and have fun and actually met the couple and discussed enrolling my 3 yr. old granddaughter for hip hop lessons but just never got around to doing it and now whether the accusations are true or not(and I imagine they are)as I just don't see ANY child accusing someone of a crime like that, it took a lot of courage for the girl/boy to come forward I thank God that I never enrolled grandson only went the one time and never went back, said it wasn't much fun...I believe in innocent until proven guilty but if either of them said he did something inappropriate with them then there would be NO DOUBT in my mind that they were telling the truth, I had a daughter molested at age 9 by someone who had children her age and I NEVER for one minute dreamed he would do that to a child but I NEVER doubted my daughter (telling me was very traumatic for her because for some reason she thought she did something wrong but was telling the truth and I called the police and got her professional help to deal with it,this sort of thing scars kids for life and the saddest part is the pervert got 6 months suspended provided he got psychiatric help and his idiot wife allowed him back in the home when he had been molesting their own children..some Mom huh I always keep those two children in my prayers and pray they are not emotionally damaged too much from what their monster father did to them...sorry this was such a long post but I feel this is a subject that needs to be addressed at length...parents PLEASE I beg of you make it a point to notice any changes in your child emotionally and let them know that they can tell you ANYTHING like this and you will believe them and back them up 100 per cent..


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