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Census vs. Redistricting

Looking at the 2005 statistics for the racial percentage in New Hanover, there is a population of 81% whites and 16% blacks. Is it really possible, or even fair, to take the children of those percentages and "distribute" them according to race? Thinking of the children, no, it is not fair. I was unfortunate enough to experience a large redistricting of schools years ago, and though it did not affect what school I attended, I lost friends, and I saw many other classmates who lost friends, black students included. The students were denied attending classes with teachers they preferred, and were pretty much uprooted. Younger students really need a sense of security, which is why when young families relocate, the child is often a concern. I also knew some kids who were sent to schools that were twice as far from their homes as the school they were originally assigned to. Redistricting ought to be based on location and population of a given area. Children should not be distributed due to race. That, in itself, is racism.


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