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Hey LVD...times have changed. The racism of the eras past are just the past. The "forefathers" are gone, and so is the way of life people lived back then. The only reason the NAACP exists is because blacks of today enjoy the good long as it comes free through the art of complaining from a bully pulpit. It makes me sick how politicians (democrats) bow down to ungrateful minorities that still blame "slavery" for why they sit at home all day unemployed. There's a big difference in Slavery and Laziness. Might want to check into that. Not to be cliche, but again..what if whites had a White Entertainment Channel, a United White College Fund, etc.? It would be called racist by those who already have such things in place (BET, UNCF). I would never wish for the white folks to raise hell about the boy in Carleton Place getting killed, but sometimes it'd be nice to just turn the tables for kicks.


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