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Dear LVD

Heres the thing - I dont HAVE any more money to pay people for things I have or had no control over. I really dont. I hate the fact that slavery existed anywhere at all, and my heart breaks for the slaves themselves. But the truth is that none of my family ever owned another human being, they fought for segregation, and advocated the tenants of Dr. Martin Luther King at a time when it was not popular in the south for white people to do it. Will the shirt off my back make up for slavery? No. And what I have in my pockets might buy you lunch, but thats all. I work hard and barely get by, but at least I know that I am compinsated for something I actually earned through my own blisters. I have to ask myself how you are any better than the whip crackers. They made money off the backs of their slaves, and now you want to do the same thing.


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