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segregation within individual schools

My son attends Hanes Middle Sch in Winston-Salem, NC as an 8th grader. Somehow they have deemed all the white kids HAG so the classes are segregated where in academic/core courses, the blacks are placed in classes with hispanics and the whites are separated as all being HAG. My son is a straight A student that took Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade and also participated in a "coop program with HAG math students, but was placed in some new math that's only being given to blacks and hispanics. This math is called integrated math, but all the whites kids that had pre algebra in 7th grade were sent to algebra I as 8th graders. When I confronted the principal about this he could give me no acceptable or logical explanation. Only then did he offer to put my child in HAG courses, where my son would have been 1 of approx 4 black students that are in the HAG program with all white students. If our kids aren't given access to the same level and quality of education as these so-called white HAG students, how can they perform at comparable levels with these whites students. They have found a way to legally segregate the students and are getting away with it nation-wide. Please someone else notice the uneven playing field that our kids are being subjected to. It's not just locally, this is being done nationwide. I just saw a documentary on cable TV about this very thing being done at Little Rock Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. If whites are being exposed to a higher level of education than our kids within the same system, then to me, that's at least one of the reasons they are scoring better on EOG tests, our kids arent' being exposed to this knowledge that will allow them to perform well. If you don't know it, how in the hell can you test on it and do well????????? They also are being stripped of their identity as African Americans when they are basically told, the way you dress is not acceptable and to prove this to you, we're going to implement a dress code and also send you to detention or expel you from school if you don't comply. What will it be next, you can't wear braids in your hair, or the types of jewelry that "you" wear is not acceptable attire so that's forbidden as well, this needs to be stopped. My son, at age 13 is asking me why are they doin this, Ma"? A straight A student all his life in public school and now he doesn't want to go to this school and the black teachers are scared to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. My son doesn't wear baggy pants hanging off his butt because I don't buy it, he's decent, but I can see what this is doing to his self-esteem and his desire to even want to go to school, please, am I the only one that's seeing all this????


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