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if you want reparations

If you want reparations for the whole salvery thing why dont you just go the the sorce? Where is that you ask. Its AFRICA. If you didn't know Africa was called the "dark continent", not because of the black people that lived there but because it was unexplored except for the beaches up to the late 1800's. Slaves were first sold to the white man from other African tribes. They traded captured warriors from other tribes to the white man for guns and other goods. Why dont you go to them and ask them for reparations. I'm sure they would be happy to give them to you. As a matter of fact one person has already done that. He traced his ancestory all the back to the tribe that sold his family into slavery and asked them for reparations. They gave him a large chunk of land. Problem is he was killed shortly after. So go ahead trace your heritage all the way back if you can and ask for the reparations you derserve. You will not be seeing them from me or anyone else.


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