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The Legacy of the Wicked!

It has been a long time coming. Way to long but the day of reckoning is here. Most know the story but not all of it and it is time for WWAY to go get the rest of it from those that brought this upon our city and ask them what they were thinking and what their motivation was? WWAY, run down former city manager David Lewis and ask why he hired Ballree when he (Lewis)knew full well Ballree's history. He knew full well Mouth Olive city manager Charles Brown stated publicly he had viewed the video of Ballree putting gas in his personal vehicle and charging it to the city. Brown also stated he believed the city had all it needed as far as proof. Ballree chose to resign rather than face their city council. Ask David Lewis when he sent then Chief White to do the background investigation if Chief White recommended Ballree for the job. Ask Lewis if he felt that all was OK with his choice when he found out the NC Training and Standards would not give Ballree a certification to wear the badge and was it normal practice for a city manager to have to travel to Raleigh and plead for a temporary certification. Next question former Mayor Joan Kinney on how much she knew about Ballree when Lewis was making the hire as she was the only person from the city council that sat on the committee looking for a new Chief. Ask them both did they know about the criminal history of the adult living with Ballree and if they did not, why did they not know this? Ask why Ballree's continued abuse of city funds was covered up and ignored by the last city council or at least a majority of that council.

Folks, some will get on this blog and offer up all kinds of opinions and excuses but none will have any basis of fact to substantiate their opinions. This city at the hands of David Lewis and Joan Kinney brought to you a police chief that had no regard for city rules, abused his position, used city resources for personal gain and now has been indicted on a felony charge. This is the legacy of David Lewis and Joan Kinney. And of course they were fully supported by a majority of past council all of whom should be identified for that support. Even today their are board members who will tell you how Ballree is so hounded by others and they not only turn their backs of the facts but support him with all the facts now laid out on the table.

When you see Ballree say to the media that he has done nothing wrong. When he states 'others' were after him remember, this is the exact same tactic he used when he left his job, in shame, in Mouth Olive. And media, dig just a little deeper into his past and into those that supported him. Ask why and then tell the citizens of BSL what they have to say now.

We now have a chance to move forward toward a new era. We can now search and find a good and respected person to take care of the needs in this city by being a pristine example of law enforcement and a role model for all the officers on the force. The citizens as well as the good officers deserve this and it is about four years past due. The good news is the refuse is on the curb and the new day is upon us. The truth has prevailed and the lies and the cover ups have at long last, failed.

Thanks David Lewis and Joan Kinney for the blight brought to our city and thank you Emmet Ballree for your lack of service and your ingratitude to this city by turning your back on a undeserved second chance, continuing your path of less than ethical practices. This time Emmett Ballree, please show a little more class than you did in Mount Olive and drink from the cup you yourself have poured rather than go to the media blaming all and anyone else. When asked by the media, admit your guilt or simply state, no comment.


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