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Jonathan, you are way out of line!

Jonathan, you are way out of line to tell anyone "...keep your mouth shut." Further, you are quite the fool to think all in this city are so blind. I am sure you are convinced Emmett is a "..a good family man and person." He must be to his family and it is obvious you are one that feels a great deal for the man but, that does not change any facts nor does it excuse him from violating city policy and the law. You state, "Do you know how many times he drove his own vehicle on Police related calls because that was the quickest way to get to the call from family or personal events." (need a ? there btw) Well, you must know that he rarely if ever had a family car available to him and he used the city car to get to work and back keeping it at home. So, that means if he did go on a call it was in the city car and not the family car. I challenge you to prove one event in BSL since Emmett got here that he responded to a call in the family car. You know you can not. So do not even begin to talk about how he did not want to drive from "home to the station" to pick up a car as he has NEVER had to do that here in BSL. You may look up to him but he has not been a good an honest Chief here in BSL. He has driven miles and miles, running out hundreds if not thousands of gallons of gas for personal and family use. That was never the deal when he came here and he knows it. Now you talk about how he is a great father to his son and daughter. I do not think anyone would question his love and dedication to both but, there is a time to take a tough love stance and using city funds to cart them around to work and court appointed meetings is not part of his compensation package either and is not the burden of the citizens here in BSL. Also, let's not forget we are not talking about young and/or adolescent children here. We are talking about adults closing in on their 30's!

There has been no jealousy here. Certainly it was no effort to find fault. Emmett Ballree abused his authority. He used the city vehicle for personal use. He further ignored the law and that has brought him an indictment. All of this is in his hands and his hands alone. You are insulting people to say anything less and that certainly does not bring any sympathy whatsoever to his cause. The city has said enough and his "sponcers" are gone. Even his own officers have come out against him. Is it possible that (as he would want people to believe) that eveybody is out to get him? Or is it more likely that not everyone could be wrong so therefore he is the problem?

Emmett Ballree is standing exactly on the spot the road he chose and followed took him. Do not insult this town by saying different and certainly do not insult those that stand up and tell the truth by saying, "shut up". Get used to the fact that we will not. We will not allow our town to be abused anymore. The people of the city just want a police chief that is honest and above board. One that understands the law and one that does not violate city policy.


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