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Former DA Rex Gore

Everyone knew this day would come. Rex Gore had a lot of people fooled. I can remember how he covered certain people's butts in Columbus County during the reign of terror. Look who was in court today. If all of this had been stopped by the FBI back then, so much money would have been saved. Mr. Gore is going to get what's coming to him. Former governor Mike Easley slipped by and Gore had his back during that time period. These corrupt officials are going to answer one day for what they have done.

I certainly agree that Jon David needs to be a one term DA. He is nothing like his brother Ben. Jon is such a disappointment. I wonder why in the world he hasn't kept his promise of having his ADAs living in the county they represent. I don't agree with the way the driving school incident went down with Judge Jolly but I don't believe DA David should misuse his office to help anyone. I know of one case that's been awaiting trial for 5 years and due process is being denied the accused. Tell me where this is right. Jon David makes some lame excuse and he thinks everything is okay. The ballot box is going to be the equalizer in his case. You don't ask for people's vote, get elected and then ignore the voters. Pay day is coming for Gore and David. Ron Hewett was crucified but he took his walk of shame with honor. Ron Hewett is a credit to these to Gore and David.


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