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Hold Up With the Confetti

After contemplation over the last few hours, I realize that any celebration on the indictment of the former DA here was premature. I now believe that this was all set in motion from the judge who claimed to have received information that had to be investigated, to the two ‘outstanding’ lawyers defending the former DA, this is a show designed to bring as small a charge as possible, follow a sham of court, and let this former DA off without having to bring charges concerning any of the terrible deeds this man and his cronies have done. It is the pattern they used with the former sheriff. It is over an amount of money and has nothing to do with the atrocities committed in the name of the law over the years.

For all the victims and families I know all across this country, I have some idea of the frustration you face, knowing that Lady Justice has not shown her face to you. She wears that blindfold because she does not want to see what the courts and this country have become.

I can only assure you that when the event happened in your life, it is the same with my sister. She did not die alone that night. Somebody saw everyone involved: the ones who left on foot, in boats, and in golf carts. They saw all those land owners who were too concerned about their property values they demanded a verdict of suicide. They saw all of those who fashioned this execution and cover-up. They have the power to burn these guilty parties no matter how much power and money they have. And it will happen. Nobody gets out of here alive. Then the smoothest, highest priced lawyer will do them no good.


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