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Jon one term

You have misunderstood my comment. I do not and never will support former DA Rex Gore. He shamelessly used his office to support the "machine". I have personal knowledge of him looking the other way whenever certain clients of a lawyer in Columbus County committed crimes. Only when the public started heavily voicing their opinions was Gore FORCED to prosecute these cases fairly. I lived through and witnessed all of this to answer your question of where I was. I am so sorry what happened on Oak Island. From what I've read and heard that was definitely a coverup as well.

I supported Jon David this time, but honestly I will not if he runs again because he is not keeping promises he made while campaigning. He said in his speech in Columbus County after he was elected that he didn't need Columbus or Bladen County voters. Let's see if that is the case should he run again. Brunswick County citizens need to wake up and smell the coffee. Just because he's a Republican and has close ties to Brunswick County is not a reason to just elect him. Keep up with his track record and then vote wisely.


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