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Selective reading and facts

OMG how selective the reading and statement of facts are in this blog from the Hewett/Gore deciples. One states how Gore did nothing wrong and goes on to say, paying mileage is fine. Well heck yes it is if, you drive the miles BUT only if you do so. You don't get to sit on your butt in your cushy office and get mileage but, Rex Gore paid it and he paid it on the dime of us taxpayers. You Hewett backers know what a crumb Gore is. He stood hand in hand with Ronald while abusing the system and breaking the law but he was no where to be found when Ronald rightly was sent off to jail! Except for throwing Ronald under the bus! Now the hens have come home to roost and Gore is going to get his day in court at long last. And by the way you whiners that still can't get over Ronnie being jailed and now Rex being charged, get over it. There is a new DA in the county and your small little group posting in here comes no where close to being a number that can change that. Thank you Mr. David for enforcing the law. Lastly, Thank you for taking up the old and ignored case of officer Jones on BHI. With all that was destroyed in evidence and all that was covered up with the OK of the past Good Ole Boys, you may never be able to get to the bottom and to the truth but God Bless you for tying. I hope His power will help you uncover the crime and corruption where due punishment may be handed out and real closure and peace can come to the Jones family.


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