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Think about this

Officer Davina was Executed, very certain according to that wound photo.
Rex Gore lying about suicide probably means he knew the level of
violence that could then happen to his own family.Yellow-belly yes.
The behavior you describe --her being harassed
by co-worker officers is not uncommon when other officers are
very stressed, about your daughter possibly
uncovering payoffs from drug cartels, or other officers
also worried about being shot in that heavy mexican international
drug trafficking waterway and highway area of Brunswick County. This is not the first case of internationals attempting or actually murdering officers or prosecutors, read all the numbers of those who have been killed since the war on drugs started. Another very similar case happened that came wihin an inch of turning out the same way. The officers who stumbled on the Noriega drug smuggling
boat in the early 80's were faced with being outnumbered
when they boarded the vessel.So, they left the scene
before returning with backup agents to make the seizure and arrest.
News articles and books were written about this event but
you should call and speak personally to the agents that were boarding the boat to see how similar this is with the likely people your daughter stumbled upon that fateful night. The coast guard and agents knew they would be likely shot by confronting the situation and being outnumbered.Officer Davina
was Executed, its clear: executed by people she did not recognize or know, by the sound of her voice on the audio
being confronted with a gun by 3 people.It may never ever be solved with the shooters being international
drug smugglers. Try weekly counselling to try to resolve in your mind that this is what happened.
Nothing anyone and especially any politician can change by political exploitation of her or your family any further. Stand up for her memory and clear her name, yes. But don't fall victim a second time to a person who is only seeking headlines and is no closer to naming the shooter than the people in charge were back when it happened.If you were in those shoes and knew the next day the 3 internationals with false id's did it, how would you go about finding them?


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