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No justice in Brunswick County

It's amazing how people in Brunsick County came get multiple DWI's and get in no trouble.They go around bragging how they have connections at Bolivia and can get out of them.There is a person in County that just got 2 DWI's within less than 30 days. 1st DWI license was taken for 30 days before 30 days was up they got a 2nd DWI while driving on a revoke license.Within that 30 days they filed a claim that their vehicle had been stolen and wrecked. Yeah right they were drunk again and wrecked it and run and repoted stolen so they wouldn't get 3rd DWI. While being charged with 2 DWI's and driving on revoked license and charged with open container and 2- 30 days of civil revacation.Since then they have already been called and warned of a road block so they wouldn't get another DWI.After that they got stopped again and charged with open container.Now they are going around bragging how they have connections at Bolivia and will be able to get out of all of this.Sounds like there are still somemore of the good ole boys at Bolivia that are still doing favors.If this person gets out of all of this I think the judge that let them walk and anyone who helped them get out of this should be fired and exsposed like the rest that are doing all theses favors at Bolivia.If they do get out of this and someone gets killed over doing this Drunk A favor everyone involved in helping this person get out of all this should all be charged and go to prison.Is this what the tax payers are paying these judges and DA's to do is give these people these kind of favors.I sure hope not.Better look out because this person was able to collect insurance money from reporting vehicle being stolen and is getting it fixed so anybody could be next victim this person runs into drunk and kills.If this is how the court system works in Brunswick well they just as well shut down the court house and get rid of all those corrupt workers up there and maybe we could save some on our taxes by not having to give this bunch a pay check anymore.So quit doing all these favors for these people getting DWI's. If you want to do a favor help the Ms.Divina Jones family with these favors you'll are handing out up there in Bolivia.


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