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Think about this, too

You have given me a few things to think about. I agree that the wound photo should have told anyone that this was a murder, execution style. Gore never did seem to comprehend that.

According to you, the men on the police force (at the time her troubles began, she was the only female on the force) were afraid and under great stress that this woman's mouth was going to get them all killed by drug dealers. How would you know this? Also, should their great fear excuse their behavior and some of members of the fire department for beginning the false gossip about her and one of emt's, which later progressed to her filing a law suit? I know she tried to do her job and many of the rich and famous didn't like getting tickets, even though they were breaking the law. They were always leaning on the powers that be to make her void their tickets.

Since the county and the island have heavy Mexican international drug trafficking, and no one doubts that, I wonder why the former sheriff or the current one, the SBI, and the FBI have let it continue? Maybe because some of the deputies from a while back could tell about setting up a temporary air strip in Green Swamp for a drug plane to land. Or something similar. But in this time of national security concerns, I would think the traffic on and between Bald Head and Southport ought to be watched constantly. Where is Home Security?

It is strange that you think sweet Davina did not know those she confronted. I have heard many of her friends say her voice sounds cautious, but not afraid. As a matter of fact, the DA's office made a big deal out of saying she sounded so calm because she was alone and going to kill herself right after she said those words.

I am glad that you have solved her murder so simply: however, I know some locals were over there as well and up to no good.

And I find it unconscionable that you advise the family to go to counseling to accept that the international, ya-da, ya-da killed her. I think you meant to say, go to a hypnotist.

I also find it interesting that you think the current DA cannot solve the case, is no closer than he was, etc. First of all, how would you know? Do you stay in touch with workers at the DA's office who still support their former boss? Do you also play golf on Fridays?

As far as yellow-bellies are concerned, you are saying that the former DA knew in the early hours of that Saturday morning that three Mexicans killed this officer. And they can never be found. Then he should be held accountable for not doing his job. Also, how did he know they were guilty? The people of the county and others across the nation would like to know. As for where to find them, all I will say is they were found later. And it certainly wasn't too hard for the interim BHI police chief to find them. But he didn’t do it through Gore or BHI officials.


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