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Grease still rocked the generations!

Ok, No, I wasnt a student. I most certainly know him. And like many others in our little clogging world, know him like friends would from High School that still see each other around. Anybody that really knows him, knows me, hell we all know each other......but i digress;)
There is no program ran by the state or police department, or questionaire designed by Nancy Grace, that could have profiled this. Let the cloggers say amen? He has been judged by all different kinds of people ever since his shoes hit the floor. (i.e. the long hair, the uncomfortable contact, his mockery of traditional clogging, flamboyant costumes, his favorite color is orange, etc...really silly) But a very certain and small group of people know why you just cant trust him. Everbody else that cant exactly put their finger on him and dont trust him, have a talent for discernment. Personally he cracks me up, and he is motivated and creative with dancing. He's very talented and a great teacher when the ADD isnt kicking in, then hes just a hoot to be around. I think alot of us hope that this isnt all true from the accusing side. Its true that some men's lives have been brutalized by convoluted stories and facts, fueled by witchunt personalities, and professionals judging people on a daily basis as a career. Although I cant just skip over a post in here where the main point is something like "How could anyone think he would do this? or This isnt true because he never was out of line with my kids."
The Truth is in the middle always, whats important is in the middle of what?


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