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Broken System

Now is the time when we come to see just how broken our system is. This young man will have his lawyer argue for bail while he is awaiting trial on various other charges and our court system will undoubtly grant him some kind of bail arrangement. Now I am of the opinion that if this young man violated his probation, ran from the law in an effort not to be captured, took a two story plunge "FROM THE COURT HOUSE" while awaiting a drug test and failed to show up on various other court dates, he is not likely to get out on bail and then come to court on his own. That having been said, I would consider him a flight risk and insure his apperance in court by keeping him in custody until such time as all charges against him have been tried or otherwise disposed of. The only other alternative would be to find him guilty of being a habitual felon and sentence him to life in prison and allow the guards to shoot him when he tries to escape from Raleigh's Centraal Prison. Maybe once he is shot in an escape attempt, if the shots are fatal, maybe, just maybe he will stop trying so hard to escape.


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