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Really?..... Cruel? Unusual?

Really?..... Cruel? Unusual? NOT at ALL! Did you read the article it said the DA imposed such a harsh penalty due to the fact this man decided to DRINK and DRIVE while he had a child UNDER the age of 16 in the vehicle.....that CHILD had NO CHOICE...but this man DID...he could have made the choice NOT to drink and drive! Maybe the courts have FINALLY decided to take a STAND for individuals who DRINK and is NO longer just a slap on the wrist with the cuffs, bond out and get GET ACTIVE JAIL TIME......why should he be any better than the rest of he too good to do time behind bars? Why? Because he was a cop? WRONG! Maybe that is why so many drink and drive is because they think their LEO buddies will just pass them on through....Yes, it is sad that such a long career in Law Enforcement has now come to an it is time for him to start the time...AS HE ADMITTED HIS GUILT...and move on....maybe he will NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE in the future?? Who knows??


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