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Vog ... So now it's a Multi-Use Facility? ... Amusing!

Looks like the spinmeisters are trying to have a little less linkage with Mandatlanta and the concept of the taxpayers buying them a stadium. Gee, I wonder why? Too bad their own feasibility study was unable to really provide a viable cost-price-performance value to the multi-use concept because now they’re stuck trying to sell it. Uh, oh.

I’m a little surprised that they created such obviously biased questions and used such pie-in-the-sky numbers. Too much bias and a selling poll (which is what this is) can become counter productive. That’s like a pro Santa poll asking “If Santa is real, would you be naughty or nice?” It gets a lot of people thinking “Hey, maybe there isn’t any Santa” (If your kids still believe in Santa, don’t let them read this). For self-described marketing experts, they sure are making a lot of rookie mistakes.

The question about the park was interesting. The city’s already talking about a new park next to that pygmy white elephant parking deck they just blew another 3 million on and now they’re going to build another park just up the street by a stadium? Too bad that while all that’s happening, they can’t seem to fulfill possible contractual obligations to finish Olsen Park. Can you say “credibility problem” boys and girls?

I hear that another poll will be coming up in November. Apparently, in the interest of fairness, all of Wilmington’s citizens will be eligible to participate. This poll will have only one stadium question: Pro or Con taxpayer-funded stadium? No shading or built-in bias (well, maybe they'll try to shade it, but that's not gonna help 'em). Just a straight up or down vote. It’ll be amusing to watch that small group of Wilmington pro stadium insiders complain about the results of this one. I can already hear one in particular whining "But that’s not fair!”



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