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First of all, how DARE you refer to Davina as Buffy!!!!!!! If she was a member of your family, would you refer to her as such? Maybe; you seem to have a lack of a lot of things, including respect for the dead, manners, and no facts about the case. Which law enforcement wanna-be were you back then?

As far as the other poster who is tired of Loy Buff, I don't know which Gore/Hewett sycophant you are, but it is NOT just about Davina, it is about county and state leaders being responsible for covering up what happened that night. The citizens of the state deserve to know what leaders we had who still consider themselves able to do as they please to whom they please, when they please.

The only people interested in keeping this case closed are those did the crime and those who covered it up - you can take your pick. Some of the policemen that night did do their jobs correctly, others did not. So I am to assume that the cover-up was to hide shoddy investigation or to hide the identities of those wanting to keep their operations from becoming known.

I guess the fact that Davina's arm span from middle finger tip to middle finger tip being too short to allow her to hold that gun to her head means nothing. What do forensic experts know. The investigations, especially the one on the federal level, where they ruled she did NOT kill herself and could not replicate such a stance was done by inept, lying administrators? I guess Hewett not allowing the dogs off the boat once they were brought to the island that night means nothing. I guess that blood left where she couldn't have left it and no subsequent lab work on the samples because one of the detectives, still serving this county btw, mean nothing. I guess white powder on the ground in only one place, yet found in the floorboard of her truck mean nothing. I guess the disappearance of her shoes from that night mean nothing, even though they would have shown she had been dragged.

I'll tell you what I am tired of, Mr. Gore, Mr. Hewett, and some other folks, I am tired of you trying to stonewall. What I saw of the evidence you had was laughable, were it not for the circumstances. Other families can testify of the same thing in their case. I'll tell you something else: nobody who is not of your little gang has believed for one minute that she killed herself. They know what you've done. So you can save your words. Many, many others in police work think the way the case was handled was insulting. It is painfully obvious you don't care about that. But I know you can't take a GSR test after you have handled the wound. Nor do you leave a body ALONE out on a pier UNCOVERED. That is decency, much less correct procedure. There is 10 plus years of tiredness, believe me. Loy Buff deserves to be heard. He is speaking for all of us who have lived and suffered under this regime. To take Rex Gore to court for this little question about money is an insult to all who know how he treated us little publicans.


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