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Buffy & Tired of Buff

Nice! (please inject sarcasm font here) It is quite interesting to me that Lawdog and Tired of Buff want to make these comments 13 years later. Seems that you have an axe to grind with my Dad for some reason. . .maybe the fact that he won't go away? News flash for you: this will never go away for our family as long as we all are living to tell our story! You see, you Rex and Hewett cronies underestimated my sister, because you did not know her like we do. And guess what? You underestimated us as well. We are fighters, especially agains arrogant, narcissistic politicians who abuse their public office. My father, for as long as I can remember, had numerous friends who were police officers - he always discounted their steak meals at his restaurant and often played golf with them on Sundays. This taught my sisters and I a deep RESPECT for those in uniform and is the VERY REASON Davina decided to pursue a career in law enforcement! Yet, 10 months into her rookie year, she is MURDERED and many of those she should have depended on to "have her back" are the very ones who "turned their back" on her - and our family. So go ahead and make your snide comments and believe that she committed suicide. . .but the truth will prevail, I can assure you of that. We will not stop telling our story until we die. Live with it!!!


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