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Law in BC?

Rex Gore and at least one of his henchmen, the one he still plays golf with every Friday, created an argument for suicide, each point of which can truly be discredited by use of the real facts. I’m glad you used the word ‘concluded’ because you sure didn’t ‘prove’ anything. If Gore had really wanted to shut up Buff (and all the rest of us here who never believed she killed herself), all you had to do was allow the case to come to trial. But that was the last thing any of you want. You’d all be headed somewhere, wouldn’t you?

Why does what Buff think matter now? Why did what Gore did for this woman years back matter now? That’s what Payne asked. It matters now because a wrong was done, that’s why. And there is no statute of limitations concerning murder. If you help cover it up, I guess it is conspiracy, either before, during, or after – and still – as you are doing.

An axe? Gore aided and abetted the murderers of this father’s daughter. I think it says more about you than Buff that you even make that statement. If it had been my child, I would be after all of you, too. And after reading Out With Three, I surmise that your name might really be DC.


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