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The Facts to what took place the weekend of this murder

Here are the facts from a former BHI resident

The morning after the murder of BHI police officer "Davina Buff Jones", BHI officers, Brunswick Co. officers, and the NC SBI flagged off the area the murder took place for investigation. This included a "chalk" outline of the position of the body. This took place all day Saturday as the murder took place Friday night. On Sunday morning all the "Do Not Cross" Yellow tag lines, the body outline, and the blood trails on the payment were removed for preparations of a wedding taking place at the BHI Chapel at noon this day. (Please note the murder occurred directly in the vicinity of the BHI lighthouse and BHI chapel.)

On Monday morning (this is 2.5 days later), the entire area was re-flagged, re-chalked, and posted "Do Not Cross" for the investigation...If this doesn't show foul play.....what does?

The acting BHI Police Chief "Chief Gene Hardee" interview everyone leaving the island Saturday. He asked for ID documentation from all departing island guest. He then conducted an investigation and learned that 3 of the ID's came back fictitious. These ID's were from departing construction workers of Hispanic origin. These three workers came on the last ferry to the island on Friday night as was documented by several passengers about the last ferry to the island. The seas were extremely rough in the Cape Fear this night and the passengers noted it was unusual for these three construction workers to ride on the ferry outer area. In other words, passengers would not of traveled on the exterior due to the high-waves and sea splash. It was noted these three passengers were soaked upon departing this last ferry.

Chief Gene Hardy brought this to the investigative team's attention with no resolve. Once he learned it was ruled a suicide, he immediately resigned.

This was a cover up from the start to the finish (a mere suicide ruling less than 7 days later by Mr. Rex Gore, acting DA, Brunswick County)

I feel the Kent and Mark Mitchell, developers of BHI, had a heavy hand in this ruling and should be investigated themselves.

Feel free to contact Mr. Gene Hardee along with other BHI residents (current or past) for a FULL confirmation of what has been said here.


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