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Jon David

Jon David, regardless of how you feel, is the DA here. I expect him to do a better job than Rex Gore did. I met someone not long ago who talked about how much she missed working for Gore, how sweet and wonderful he was to his employees. I think that was great because I know only too well how he treated the families of victims he didn't personally know on a social or political level. I would have thought his duty was to support the citizens of his district, whether he knew them or not. Oh, that's right. He made the statement that he wasn't here for the people, he was here for the state.

This is funny. In the last two days, all of a sudden, coming out of the woodwork, people are telling me that international drug cartels killed Davina. Where in the world were you when the police were trying to find her killer? Or when after a scant seven days, Gore said she had committed suicide? To make it clear, I never heard her mention international people. The ones she named were local or at least from the state.

The other BHI officers didn't back her up because they were not exceptionally professional, too busy looking the other way. You forgot to mention in this post that Jon David is only using the family. That is new in the last two days as well. If he solves the case, let him use us!

As my sister and another of Dee's fraternal brothers have stated on here, we are NOT going away. So you can tie this to Noriega as someone else did, or you can clamp it on some unknown international thugs. International thugs can't cover up what happened and keep it secret from the public like Gore did. And telling me that Gore was too afraid to do his job proves to me that he should have resigned back then. You are also admitting that he did not do his job - that means he should be indicted on that charge as well.

And when did you get to be such an authority on the motives and history of Jon David? Please just go away and spew your words to someone else.


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