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I am the former 911 dispatcher that was working the law channel the night Davina was murdered. Up till now I have kept my name out of the news because it was hard enough to hear my voice over and over again calling for Davina everytime the 911 tape was played. Except for the killers I was one of the last people to hear Davina's voice and I still hear it. If I had not been listening closely to that radio that night it may have been a lot longer before she was found. When she checked out with 3 people and told me to stand by she was on Channel 1 the main channel, but when she started saying there was no need for a gun on BHI, put the gun down she was most definatley on Channel 2 the backup channel. Only a few people in the county heard her,I was one,her partner on the island was 2 and because of the proximity the Holden Beach officer on duty heard her transmission. I believe the squelch heard at the end of her transmission was both channel 1 and 2 being keyed up at the same time which would have happened if someone had grabbed her mike while she was close enough to one of the radios. As far as waiting 7 days for Rex Gore to rule her death a suicide that was when it was made public. After a sleepless day on that Sat I was told by several of the officers that were on the island that it was a suicide. On the night of her visitation when they were treating her death as an officer killed while on duty, they were already convinced it was a suicide and case closed as far as most of them were concerned. I've always disagreed with that finding. I didn't know Davina personally but I find it hard to believe she would have committed suicide in that manner knowing her partner would be the one to find her and I would be the one to hear her voice in my nightmares. I've heard both sides and I have to say there are way more questions than answers. I don't like to point fingers but the powers in control at that time should be ashamed of themselves for how the scene was handled. Anyone with any sense of crime scene investigation knows you don't move a body before processing the scene,you don't bow down to any pressure from citizens,fire chiefs,mayors or anyone else until the scene is processed completely. Another thing,I have had family members that have worked as contractors on BHI and they all knew you needed to complete your work by Friday evening and you got off the island as early as possible not to interfer with the residents or visitors. Did no one think it strange that 3 workers rode the ferry over on Friday evening to work and then leave on Sat, what work were they doing? The case itself is not closed and there is an ongoing
investigation. Do I think it will ever be solved? Not unless someone comes forward and admits to it. IF nothing else Rex Gore,and the others involved should at least be men enough to admit that mistakes,grievous mistakes were made. I know none of this has anything to do with the charges Rex Gore is facing now but the Buff family is just asking the question "If he did this to help a friend and employee, what else has he done?"


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