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She was murdered. It is a fact we all know. As for Gore doing his job! No he did not do his job. I never thought I would ever have to deal with the justice system. Most of the regular citizens of the county never have to deal with the office of the DA. But I had to when my 5 year old grand daughter told the horrible truth to her Aunt, that she was being sexually molested by her grand father. It was reported, DSS followed through, the sheriff dept investigated and acknowledge it was was true as well as a child therapist. The child's mother was also involved ,I am sickened, to say and pleaded guilty and went to prison, but the grandfather... I could not get Rex to prosecute him. Phone calls emails and letters to his office went unanswered. The sheriff Dept was waiting for the decision by the DA to prosecute . He would do nothing. After two years of this, I wrote to Mrs Gore, begging her to help me get her husband to take a stand for my grand child and for all the other children this man was in contact with. It was within a week of my letter that I received a call for the DA's office that he was turning the case over to the SBI, still not sure why he did this but the SBI did their job.Finally the case went to court . The man was convicted . All the time I was going through this frustration with Rex and his office I continued to think of Davina's family , knowing my situation was hard and imagining how very hard it must be for her family. God Bless them all. Davina was murdered and Rex and his cronies failed us all. I wrote this as just an example of how Rex operated while in office.


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