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Devina Buff was murdered

I had taken my elderly mother on a fall vacation to The Greenbrier in West Virginia to see the mountain leaves change color. We departed the Greenbrier on 10/22/99. I drove mother to her home in Wilmington and then drove to the Bald Head Ferry terminal to catch a ferry to go home. I lived on Bald Head Island as a permanent resident. I caught the last Ferry that left the mainland at 10:00 p.m. When I pulled up to the Ferry terminal to unload my suitcase 3 awful looking scary men were unloading brown boxes about the size of 30 x 30 from the trunk of an older small station wagon that looked like a ford pinto. Two of the men looked hispanic, and one was a short wirey unclean looking white man with greasy blond hair. When I pulled up to ferry terminal their station wagon was already there curbside, and they were unloading boxes. I had to pull up behind them. The blond white man was giving the other two men orders. When I took my suitcase out of my car this blond male looked me straight in the eyes, and I can tell you I got chills. He looked so evil and mean. After I parked my car, and walked back to terminal to get on Ferry I did everything I could NOT to look at these men in the eyes. I'll never forget the feelings I felt. This was Friday night (last Ferry),and (IF) they were construction workers they are not suppose to work on weekends, and are suppose to ride the construction ferry during week days, not the regular passenger ferry. Three (3) scary men going to the island late at night with no more ferrys running after this last ferry. I never saw them unload any luggage of theirs....only boxes they unloaded. I would bet my life on it that these men were NOT vacationers. The Ferry arrived Bald Head Island around 10:20 p.m., and the newspaper stated Devina went out on patrol rounds approximately 11:30 p.m., and at 11:48 she contacted 911. On October 26, 1999 The Star News Newspaper printed the entire 911 transcript of radio transmission on night of slaying: "Officer Jones: "Show me out with three (people). "Standby please (pause) There ain't no reason to have a gun here on Bald Head Island. Now put down the gun. Come on, do me a favor and put down the gun." These were Devina's last words. I think she was ambushed. It's hard to keep your eyes on 3 evil men at the same time especially when one is pointing a gun at you. I believe Devina Buff was a warrior and a good officer. I believe she showed courage in light of being outnumbered. I believe she pulled her gun out of it's holster, and as she did one of these murderers came up behind her and ambushed her. Devina was only about 4'8" or 4'9"and tiny. It would have been easy for 3 men to over-power her, tell her to put her hands on top of her head and then use her own gun to kill her point blank. I believe this is why gun powder was found on her glove. I believe there was not enough time for a struggle. I believe these armed murderers put Devina's gun back into Devina's hand after killing her and fled the scene. I believe law enforcement officers let the murderers go free by alolowing them to board the first 6:30 a.m. ferry off the island. I believe the crime scene was totally botched up by Bald Head Island employees who were instructed by the then employed Town Manager, Wade Horne, to hose the entire crime scene down with the fire truck's hose (get rid of blood), and told to take down the police "do not enter CRIME SCENE" yellow tape securing and surrounding crime scene, BECAUSE a wedding was taking place on the next day Sunday....and Lordy Mercy we don't want these fine wedding folks knowing anything about a murder that happened only a few hours earlier, and at a location that was only a few feet from the church chapel. Wonder how many visitors and vacationers walked over the crime scene taking photos of Old Baldy and the wedding party???? What a total screw up. I hope in a new court hearing that Wade Horne will have to testify, and take a polygraph test. I hope the fire chief gives testimony as to who gave him the order to hose the crime scene down. they should all pay for the consequence and aftermath of their stupid unlawful actions.
I believe Gene Hardee, the then acting Police Chief, should be allowed to say in court the truth about who told him not to speak to anyone, and not to investigate the case, and tell the court exactly what he wants to say. If the truth be known Officer Gene Hardee (an excellent honorable Officer)took early retirement because of this botched up case, and because the Town Manager was ordering him to keep quiet and stand down. WHY?
Officer Dee Buff was tiny in size but a giant of an Officer and woman. She loved her family, and cared deeply for her friends, BHI residents and her pets, and had even written a note to herself Friday morning, and left it on her kitchen table reminding her to buy pet food. Does that sound like something a person would do who was contemplating suicide? All the residents and fellow officers thought highly of Dee Buff. She was quick to say hello, talk to residents and vacationers, and give everybody a big friendly smile. She was like a little bit of sunshine everytime you saw her. Bravo to DA Jon David for reopening this botched up abortion of a murder investigation. Think about this folks......three scary ominous men ride the last 10:00 p.m. ferry to Bald Head Island Friday night with only boxes and no luggage, and arrive at BHI about 10:20 pm. Devina Buff told 911 dispatcher she was out with 3 ????? Do you think for just a tiny second it could have been and MOST LIKELY WAS the same men I saw that rode the last ferry? They also were the first people that boarded the 6:30 a.m. ferry leaving the island the next day (Saturday morning). Who in heavens name in law enforcement is respondsible for allowing these three creapy men to leave the island at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning after right after a BHI Police Officer had been murdered? We are told in the newspaper that these three (3) men showed their ID to law enforcement before boarding Ferry, but all 3 turned out to be bogus later when researched.....Ya think??? Does this surprise anybody? A 3rd grader could figure this one out. What in the world did these 3 men do for the few hours they were on the island other than murder Devina? Where were they staying...whose house? This is a very important piece of the puzzle. They had to tell officers what date they arrived on BHI, and where they were staying unless they pretended to not speak english, which would have been more reason to detain them and hold them for more questioning. Was it a big drug deal Devina came upon? After Devina was murdered rumor on the island was told that Devina had been working for months on an investigation (on her own) of what she believed to be a person living on Bald Head Island who was a Drug Lord. These 3 scary men looked the type to be involved in something evil. Even the first mate working on the 10 p.m. ferry Friday night told me he had a bad feeling about these 3 men, and kept an eye on them during the boat ride. The first mate also told me two weeks after Devina's death that he had not been questioned by detectives. What? Why not?
I respect Mr. and Mrs. Buff (and Devina's sisters) for standing tall and tough in the eyes of this bogus suicide determination by Rex Gore. The Buffs know the truth. Devina needs to be vindicated and cleared from this horrible suicide determination. Hopefully she will send down an army of angels to help DA Jon David rest his case with clear evidence that will pave the way to the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth will prevail.
M. Lee


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