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Thank You!

David, it was good to hear that after so many years you and my Dad were able to reconnect. He always spoke fondly of you and enjoyed his Scotland trip. I actually do remember you coming to Charlotte those many years ago, even though I was elementary age. Thank you for your comments on this page. Your experience in law enforcement and your opinion about the shoddy police investigation is credible. It is good to know that people around the world who have read about this case can come to the right conclusion that she was murdered and that the investigation conducted was a sham. I mostly love your advice to Daddy, that he should remain strong and know that the truth will prevail, as it is what I have believed, from my inmost soul, from the day I learned of her death. The truth will eventually be known and justice will be had. Mr. Gore stated in his press release determination on December 10, 1999, "God and Davina know the truth"...well that much is true and I would add, may God and Davina have mercy on the souls of those who chose to commit these heinous acts of murder and cover up. I am a patient person and trust that God, in his time, will bring it all into the light.


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