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"Tall Tales, Maurer Exagerations and the Desperation for Sales

Birds pof a feather, lie together. In the media, journalists like KEvin Maurer are more fiction writers than investigative journalists, and with the demise of investigative journalism and ethical sourcing in the mainstream press, drama queens like Maurer (once confined to Supermarket Tabloids and Hollywood blogs) are rewarded for "telling the story" their bosses want to embed in the popular culture and influence popular thought by creating stories with little connection to the real events and story (the ideologues who bend the truth and tell the story they think will sell rather than the facts for readers to ponder...a practice of reader manipulation largely developed by the left-leaning New York Times and its even more disingenuous baby, the Wilmington Star News. These papers have agendas from middle east policy to local support of baseball stadiums, taxes and corruption...

...Maurer is an asute reporter who will twist, omit and select every aspect of his "story" to mislead readers, rather than providing verifiable facts and letting readers draw their own conclusions. Whether motivated by profit, egotistical feelings of self-importance, or to make everyone share his views, Maurer is just like the New York Times and Wilmington Star-News who profit financially and ideologically from using and profiting from promoting the "new breed" of reporter that has little in common with the great journalists of previous generations.


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