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Your claims of Obama opening up drilling

are barely true. While it was supposedly allowed the EPA and DOI have blocked all drilling permits (besides all the drilling permits they stopped or have stonewalled in the Gulf of Mexico). Are you aware the Chinese Govt is drilling for oil off waters near Cuba which in fact would be bordering on US territory and could in fact be pulling out oil that lies under US Territorial jurisdiction based on current locations?? Why this is happening or being allowed is beyond me. Now the Chinese and Cubans are stealing actually US Oil reserves and Obama is allowing it to happen without a peep. Your savior has actually accounted for a net job loss since he took office. Inflation has caused prices of basic staples to go up (food, gas, etc). More people are now dependant on government assistance then ever before. Thats not Bushs fault its all on Obama like it or not. He's done nothing but harm this country he's increased the National Debt by well over 50% himself in less then 4 yrs which is sickening (from just over 9T to approaching if not crossing 16T by Election day). You may hate Ryan but you know as well as everybodyelse the US Govt CAN NOT continue down this path. Idiotic Democratic overspending has been the direct cause of municipal bankrupcies across this country. One only needs to look to Europe with the Socialist policies of countries like Greece to see what will happen if this keeps up. Enough is enough. Additionally Obama apparently prefers us to be dependant on foreign sources of energy instead of using our own resources or even allow resources more friendly (such as Canada) through the Keystone Pipeline to provide us Energy. He continues to bow down literally and figuratively to those countries in the Middle East who foment hate, bigotry and intolerance (you Dems claim that Republicans are so bad why is Obama is cozying up to countries who have human rights records of treating women like chattle, murdering homosexuals, and total intolerance of other religions besides Islam??) When ya'll figure that one out let me know.


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