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This has gone on LONG ENOUGH NOW! I have been an animal activist for over 25 yrs! I am a member of the ASPCA & currently am the proud "mommy" of 5 rescues!! I have been saying forever it feels like...UNTIL WE PAY ATTENTION & TAKE A STAND..TO WHOMEVER (I don't descriminate I'll speak my mind to anyone!) WE MUST GET STIFF LAWS ON THE BOOKS & FOLLOW THEM THRU...SEVERE PUNISHMENTS...NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!! People need to understand that those of us who LOVE OUR CHILDREN 2 or 4's the exact SAME! There are SO MUCH MORE THAN "pets"!! Do you call your family members that? These are MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY!! THEY HAVE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS TO LIVE IN A LOVING CARING NUTURING ENVIROMENTS!! Since sadly,they can't speak..they depend on us...NOT ONLY FOR KEEPING THEM SAFE BUT FOR MEETING THEIR NEEDS THEY MUST HAVE TO LIVE IN A HAPPY NON ABUSIVE HOME WHERE THEY GET their needs met!! And we are THEIR VOICES & IT'S OUR RESPONSABILITY TO MAKE SURE THEY HAVE WHAT IS NEEDED..TO HAVE THAT LOVING,CARING SAFE YOU DO A 2-LEGGED CHILD..THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM...IS OURS HAVE 4 LEGS!! That's all!! They ARE MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY & WE LOVE THEM PROBABLY MORE THAN SOME OF US LOVE THE 2-LEGGED MEMBERS! However,there's a HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 legged kids & the 4 legged ones..THAT BEING...THE 4 legged kids..DO NOTHING BUT LOVE US!! They ONLY WANT TO LOVE U!! No matter if I had a bad day,what you look like,how you feel,what you wear or say or do..they're always READY TO LOVE!! Animals that I know..are smarter than any human being I've ever met!! We SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GIVE REASONS ON WHY WE WANT WHWT WE WANT..OR REASONS ON WHY WE WANT THEM PROTECTED & THOSE WHO ABUSE,NEGLECT them..should be punished as though the baby had 2 legs!! There's no difference!!
Let's review how the 4/legged baby affects our lives & society...
1) It's a known FACT people who have "pets" (I do not like referring to them as 'pets' they're babies!! But for the sake of the ignorant I will use "pets") it's a FACT that petting them lower our BP!! It's a FACT the kids raise our B/P!!
2) when the law is "trailing some one...looking for hidden drugs...finding missing people...WHO DO THEY USE?? The 2 legs? Haha' they can't find theirselves muchness another!! They don't know how to find hidden drugs...but I know some babiies do!
3) actually LIVE w/disabled people...& Look after them WAY BETTER THAN A HUMAN!!
4) helping harden criminals convicted of MURDER & other VIOLENT crimes become civil & get their anger & temer under control b/c MOST of them didn't get that from the HUMANS in their lives!!
5) and tho I could go on forever on all the positive components we are given by our "pets" ...but the most important gift they give that we will never ever ever get from ANY human is...THEY GIVE US UN-conditional LOVE!!
So this is the THANKS we give them? This is HOW THEY CAN BE TREATED & IT'S OK?? NO...IT'S NOT OK! If we killed 1 of our 2 legged kids....will the punishment be the same?
And how IS THIS ABUSE?? THIS ISN'T ABUSE....THIS IS TAKING A LIFE!! Something w/a heartbeat & requires everything the 2-legged ones They just SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION...AND IT'S JUST FINE IF THEY ARE N HARMS WAY & are MURDERED!! Shouldnt it be the other way around?? If he had murdered her kid...would be out now??
People need to wake up & realize that our "pets" are NOT PETS!! THEY ARE LITERALLY MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILYZ!! They deserve to be treated legally as the 2-legged ones!! The way both good & bad...needs to be equal! And I really hope these idiots who make our laws will STOP for a second...and if they don't want to invest time which isn't needed really...all we have to is...WHATEVER PUNISHMENTS THAT WOULD BE IMPOSED HAD THE VICTIM HAD only 2 LEGS!! So whatever the punishment is for murder of a kid...that SAME punishment SHOULD BE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Because they are OUR children!! Get with the program I'm all for same punishment!! Meaning...the crime thats done=punishment that would have imposed had they had 2 legs!!


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